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The Chinese Physician

Chinese physicians view the loss of hair as “weakness” in the kidney or liver, inadequacy of “Yang” (masculine or positive principle in nature) and the lack of vital energy and constitution. The air, or ‘wind’, that comes in from open pores, resulting in ‘heatiness’ of the blood, causes a deficiency in nutrients for hair and will eventually lead to hair loss.

Just like blood, hair needs regular replenishment of nutrients, particularly the hair on the scalp as it is mainly made up of proteins and essential trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, iodine, fluorine and selenium. A healthy person’s hair is resilient and flexible.

Beneath each hair shaft is a papilla, which is the manufacturing plant of the hair. The papilla contains tiny blood vessels through which hair receives nourishment from the body’s circulation system. When the system is functioning properly, the hair grows healthily. Otherwise, the scalp is undernourished and hair starts falling. Thus, hair loss is not only a localized problem but is also related to the condition of the whole body.

Sure Mark’s Extra Herbal Shampoo invigorates blood circulation, stimulates follicle cells and ensures natural resilient and flexible hair growth. When used with Sure Plus and Sure Good, they reduce hair loss and restores healthy hair.

Sure Good revitalizes hair, nourishes the blood, improves blood circulation, balances the secretions of Androgen and is effective for stopping hair loss and reviving hair colours.

Sure Plus invigorates blood circulation, dispels static, dredges the meridian, dilates blood vessels, adjusts body function of metabolism, stimulates follicle cells and revives hair growth. Sure Plus should be applied to the affected area only. Users of Sure Plus must conduct a skin sensitivity test (see Application) before using the product.