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15 July 1996

Many thanks to your product. I had tried many other products and seen a lot of hair specialists but to no avail. Sure Mark did the job. My hair loss problem has improved and I have a thicker head of hair that’s healthier too. I continue to use the products daily. Thank you once again.

Mr. Joseph D’Aranjo
Ref No: 2444

20 July 1996

Personally I owe you my gratitude to your medicine Stop Loss and Sure Plus for restoring my healthy hair again.

Late 1980, I suddenly discovered patches of hair loss. A closer look revealed many patches. Immediately I saw specialists for treatments. Not only was this expensive, it did not solve my problem at all. I was very depressed at that time and even gave up all kinds of hair treatment until a ‘saviour’ came along. He simply explained to me that Stop Loss and Sure Plus restored his good and handsome looks and strongly recommended that I give it a try. Fortunately, I heeded his advice and commenced using this herbal medicine of your since February 1995. After 10 months of this hair treatment, I have regained my hair again today. I am still using your medicine to upkeep it.

As Stop Loss and Sure Plus regained my trust and confidence, I am writing this appreciation letter to sincerely thank Sure Mark International Pte Ltd for developing this priceless hair medicine.

Mr. Er Kow Chye
Ref No: 2957

28 June 1996

I am writing this letter of thanks to show my appreciation to your esteemed company for solving my hair loss problem which had bothered me for years.
About 7 to 8 years ago, I suffered from excessive hair loss. My hair was falling off much faster than it could grow. Within a matter of a few years, I could see the scalp at the top of my head. I tried various methods of hair treatments. These not only yielded no results but also exhausted much time and money.

About one and a half years ago, I began using Sure Mark’s products after reading about it from the newspapers. I followed the application instructions of Stop Loss and Sure plus closely as advised by the consultant, Mrs Tan, and washed my hair with Sure Mark Extra Herbal Shampoo. Within 2 weeks of using Stop Loss, there was a significant reduction in hair loss. In the next 2-3 months, hair growth was noticed and now I have a full head of hair.

I’m truly grateful to Sure Mark International Pte Ltd and would gladly introduce their products to my friends who are having hair problems.

Lim Hong Boon
Ref No: 2651

25 February 2003

Dear Mrs Tan,

I would like to express my gratitude towards your company for helping me with my hair problem.

I’ve been suffering from male pattern baldness since 1991and have sought treatment with National Skin Centre since. I was informed by the National Skin Centre that my hair would not recover and that I would need to resort to alternate solutions such as wigs and toupees. In 1998, after watching Talking Point on TCS Channel 5, I came to realize that one of my colleagues, Mr Johnny Yeoh, was using Sure Mark Hair Care products and have achieved amazing results. On 13 March 1998, I started using Sure Mark Hair Care products. Within 6 weeks, my hair dropping reduced drastically and I could see thin strands of hair growing. After years of using Sure Mark products, I’ve regained a full head of hair. Today, 5 years later, I am still using Sure Mark’s products for my daily hair maintenance.

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude towards Sure Mark International and to simply say, “Sure Mark Hair Care products works for me!! Thanks Sure Mark!!”

Mr. Chan Tian Wen
Mediacorp Artist
Ref No: 5194

13 April 1998


I have decided to break my silence and would like to respond to your pertaining the article in the Straits Times dated 12/11/97, which was written by Ms Koh Boon Pin.
Back in 1990, I suffered from hair loss in patches. I understand the name for this is Alopecia Areata. I was then referred to the skin specialist in our Singapore National Skin Centre by my company doctor. After numerous and costly visits lasting 4-5 months, I was truly disappointed with the unfavourable results – no sign of hair growth despite minoxidil treatment, injections into my scalo and medication to be consumed.

I was truly helpless until a friend’s recommendation to use the products from Sure Mark International. Products which I used are called Sure Plus, Stop Loss and SureMark Extra Herbal Shampoo. In a short span of 3 months of using these products, my hair was fully restored.

Likewise, a colleague of mine from China who had the same Alopecia Areata was treated with these products and fully recovered recently after using for 2.5 months.
Being a marketing person, I can fully understand the gimmicks involved in advertising. There again, I am very convinced there must be genuine products available in our market place today. To this effect, I am making my stand for the products that had restored my hair to its natural condition.

I am writing this letter out of gratitude and still believe strongly the products from Sure Mark International.

Mr. Lee See Jui
Ref No: 1359