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For Sure Mark’s Extra Herbal Shampoo, simply lather into hair thoroughly and rinse before applying Sure Good or Sure Plus hair tonics.

After washing, towel dry hair and use the brush included in packaging to apply Sure Good and/or Sure Plus hair tonics (application varies for different hair problems, see Symptom Checker if you are unsure of yours).

Sure Good – after towel-drying hair, use the brush supplied to apply Sure Good  to the entire scalp.

Sure Plus – after towel-drying hair, use the brush supplied to apply Sure Good  to affected areas only.

While Sure Mark’s range of products have been clinically tested to be toxin-free and harmless to human skin, Sure Good and Sure Plus does contain ethyl alcohol which a small percentage of people may be allergic to. Conduct a self-test as instructed below before applying treatments as recommended.

To conduct the test, first apply a little Sure Plus on the inner side of the elbow with the brush supplied. Do this once daily for 7 days. If the skin develops redness or rashes, stop using the product and consult your family doctor.

If you are uncertain about your condition, please consult your family doctor prior to application.

Sure Mark International Pte Ltd will not be liable for any personal injury, discomfort or inconvenience caused by the use (or lack of use) of our products.