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Hair Growth Tonic | Herbal Hair Loss Products - Sure Mark

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Are you suffering from minor or severe hair loss, white hair, dandruff, oily hair, itchy scalp, brittle/dry hair or split ends?

Sure Mark may just have a 100% natural, chemical-free solution for you. Founded more than 20 years ago in Singapore, Sure Mark’s clinically-tested range of solutions have been restoring our customers’ crowning glory and self-esteem. We believe that hair problems are subjective and we aim to find tailored solutions by first identifying and then educating customers about their problems in order to maintain permanent results. We don’t sell products, we sell solutions. Find yours today.


The Chinese Physician

Chinese physicians view the loss of hair as being due to "weakness" in the kidney or liver, inadequacy of "Yang" (masculine or positive principle in nature) and due to the lack of vital energy and constitution. The air, or 'wind', that comes in from open pores, resulting in 'heatiness' of the blood, thereby causing deficiency of nutrition for the hair and will eventually lead to hair loss.

Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

Use Extra Herbal Shampoo once a day and apply Sure Good and Sure Plus twice daily.

Treatment for Excessive Hair Fall

Use Extra Herbal Shampoo once a day and apply Sure Good twice daily.

Treatment for White or Graying Hair

Use Extra Herbal Shampoo once a day and apply Sure Good twice daily.


Hair Loss Facts

Up to almost a third of the population suffers from hair loss.

If treatment is delayed, the root of the hair may die and if it does, there is no known treatment that will replace that lost hair.

About 50-100 hairs lost a day is considered normal. Anything more than that may signify that something is wrong.

Hair loss is directly related to stress. This may mean everyday work or family issues or a traumatic experience emotionally or physically (such as surgeries).

Hormonal disorder such as over-or-under-active thyroid gland, pregnancy or menopause may also give rise to hair loss.

Tying your hair in tight ponytails may cause hair loss called traction Alopecia.

Hair loss may be a sign of autoimmune disorder.

Genetic factors play a part in hair loss.

Hair relaxer treatments like rebonding or straightening as well as use of hot iron or oils may cause hair loss.